manual pot working - Dracula's wood soil; it is proper for planting in it!

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Welcome to Dracula's favourite plants !


It was found that Dracula had a human side: he loved plants ! He talked to them, he touched them, they were his only confessors. Discover the enigma of the cruel count of Transylvannia with the help of his favourite plants: the hedera and the fern.

If the Irish novelist Bram Stoker was the first to associate Vlad Tepes(the Impaler)'s name with 'Dracula' in the fiction novel released in England in 1897, our company is the first one to have released in the market the concept of "Dracula's favourite plants", concept based on historical facts.

While the chronicles of Vlad Tepes/Dracula's times never talked about the most favourite plants of the cruelest prince from the Carpathians, our company does it with the conviction that Dracula's enigma can be discovered with the help of the ivy and the fern, and also of the tree bark and soil plants from the forest of the Bran Castle - Dracula's castle.


First and most important you have to be able to "get acquainted" to the plants and to interact with them, afer which:

  1. Get the ivy and fern plants from the woods of the Bran Castle and plant them among your garden's/appartment's plants.
  2. Get the soil plants from the same woods and use it as a suport from any plant from home.
  3. Get the tree bark tree from the same source and spread it around the plants to create a natural bedding.
  4. You have to think about the fact that all these plants are genetically the same as the ones born in the 15th century, from the days when count Dracula picked them, after he had done some cruel deeds. In his forest he admired the hedera and the fern he loved so much, he talked to them, he cared about them - the only things he cared about; in his castle's woods he walked on the soil of his forest and touched the trees and told them countless stories - those were the only "witnesses" in front of whom the merciless count confessed. He couldn't talk to anyone but to his beloved plants and trees. The ivy and the fern carried on his secrets and the soil passed them to the plants and trees that grew on it. All the plants will tell you in the end how to uncover the enigma of the Count of Transylvannia.

You can tell if you are about to uncover his enigma by the follwing signs:

  1. 1) The plants coming from his castle's forest will survive more than 6 weeks (6 is the figure that represents Vlad The Impaler's longest reign : 1456-1462).
  2. 2) The other plants which grew on the soil coming from Dracula's forest will live more than 6 weeks.


NOTE: the above mentioned signs are a starting point for discovering Dracula's secrets and yet not a guarantee for the most wanted breakthrouh to discover his enigma.